About Us

Spa Villa

From breathtaking ocean views to a private Jacuzzi in each room, Spa Villa is your perfect relaxation getaway – just 45 minutes from Singapore. Perfect for a day or weekend trip, come experience the pleasures of sun, sea and sand, while escaping into your own private sanctum of tranquility.

Located at popular KTM Resort, BatamSpa Villas offers very affordable prices for authentic, traditional massages. Pick and choose from a wide range of treatments and spa pleasures guaranteed to pamper from head to toe. Let our professionally trained therapist help you relax and rejuvenate as the sound of soothing waves breaking on the shore lull your worries away.

Come solo or bring a companion or two. Maybe a romantic night for you lovebirds. Lose yourself in a different world. Forget about time. Leave behind your worries. Embrace your personal haven. BatamSpa Villa awaits you.

KTM Resort

Just a short boat ride from Singapore, awaits some of Batam’s best seaside vistas and truly warm hospitality and service. Come to KTM Resort and enjoy a delightful beach holiday that will have you wanting more. Whether families or solo travelers or honeymooners, we have something for everyone.

Arrive and be greeted by our friendly staff with a personalised service experience. Relax and unwind in your authentic kampong villas – built in typical rustic style yet replete with the comforts of modern living. Head to the beach to try out a wide range of water sports activities. There’s plenty to be had. And gaze upon some of the most breathtaking sea views the island has to offer. From picturesque, warm sunrises on the horizon to scenic sunsets overlooking the waters, sit back, relax and simply enjoy nature at her best…all from your bedroom or balcony.

KTM Resorts is also home to Batam Spa Villa – where a truly indulgent pampering experience is to be had and at affordable value. By the way, we are just a 5-minute drive from Sekupang International Ferry Terminal (Batam) and about 30 minutes away town (Nogoya / Batam Centre). Life’s luxuries need not be expensive or faraway if you know where to find them. At KTM Resorts, you’ll find this to be true.